Some of the folks who know me closely know that I recently quit my job at Dell and have started to work on building out my startup. Like any new-born it requires a lot of TLC and takes a lot of my time and energy but it is very exhilarating to start on a fresh new canvas.

It has been a huge decision to leave a well-paying , stable and long-term association with Dell and invest Money, time and energy into starting out from scratch. As people have come to grips with my decision , I have been fortunate to receive lots of support and encouragement from my colleagues and friends. As I pick my way across this intriguing path, I am planning to video log every week so that I can share it with folks across and also create a self-reference for me to check back on.

Folks always feel that a building a startup is cool and fun but I know that the odds of being a successful startup is less that 1%. However I am in good company and am learning fast. Paul Graham ( founder of yCombinator ), one of my biggest inspirations has a post about being relentlessly resourceful and that sort of sums up what I am focussing on every day of this journey. Join in on the discussions and chime in with your thoughts.


Picture Courtesy -  William Stitt