As promised last week, I am publishing the first week 1 roundup of my vlog. As I started off my initial focus was on product planning, market analysis, architecture, road map discussions etc. All of this was blown away very soon by the nuts and bolts of running a small organization with zero support. I ran headlong into red tape in registering the company which took a few days to get sorted out. I had to understand terms like Memorandum of Association (MOA), Article of Association (AOA) and many others. Post this was bank work and some more legal documentation.

No sooner did I enjoy a small sense of achievement when I again ran into a wall with infrastructure issues. The company supplying laptops and other hardware frequently changed the cost price and shipping dates. I had to tell my new team members to join a week later due to this. This was something that I have experienced multiple times with multiple vendors during the last couple of weeks. I changed suppliers quickly through folks I knew.Thankfully the new supplier was prompt and we were back on track. With Bangalore’s sweltering heat and power issues, we also had to spend on Air conditioning and power equipment. I am keeping watch on finances as there have been large ticket expenses on infrastructure and now have a climbing burn rate with the 3 new team members who joined us last week.

In the video below, I primarily talk about the small things that took up a bulk of my time and energy as I start off. I would love to talk more about the product, building the team , community participation, the startup eco system in Bangalore and about incubation centers but that’s for another day. Join in on the discussion below. I would love to hear your thoughts.


Picture Courtesy -  Braden Collum