Graphing my Facebook network – Social Network Analysis

Netvizz is a cool tool which can export your Facebook data in a format which makes it easier to visualize or do a network analysis offline. There are other apps available on the Facebook platform which perform this using predefined bounds within the app itself but what I like about Netvizz is that it allows you to extract this information and play with it using any tool you are comfortable with like R, Gephi etc....

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Porters Five forces in Advertising and Marketing industry

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Walmart Globalization Strategy

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Strategy Execution

Strategy helps an organization position itself uniquely in order to create value and exploit the unfolding opportunities , hedge against threats, leverage strengths and remove weaknesses. Strategy execution has two components namely the action planning to operationalize the core strategy and its physical implementation. Strategy execution is one integrated in which action planning and physical implementation are integrated in real time basis. High quality execution presupposes high quality action planning , assigning the right people for the right jobs, adequate follow through and robust MIS and review processes....

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Concept of Strategy and Strategy Process

In the new business environment customers are not just demanding but they also have infinite options. Competition is not just intensifying but there are new sources of competition. Resources too are not just limited but they are fluid and move fast. Investors are impatient and look at above average returns consistently and constantly. Huge opportunities coexist with massive risks. An organization must think and act differently and smartly to face the new environmental context....

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