Blockchain Meetup - 1

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Blockchain Meetup - 2

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What is Blockchain

A blockchain is a fully-distributed, peer-to-peer software network which makes use of cryptography to securely host applications, store data, and easily transfer digital instruments of value. Originally proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 as the back-end for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.(Nakamoto, 2008 ), Blockchain is now distinct from Bitcoin as a platform and stands on its own right seperated from the cryptocurrency implemenations from where it was born. Satoshi Nakamoto married his distributed consesus protocol to Adam Backs Hashcash algorithm which pioneered the use of mining to send transaction creating a simple database that is decentralized and stored in the nodes of its network....

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Consensus Algorithms

Consensus algorithms

Consensus is one of the most important and fundamental problems in distributed computing. Simply put, the goal of consensus is to get several nodes to agree on something. It is a distributed computing concept that is used to provide a means of agreeing to a single version of truth by all peers on the distributed network.

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Merkle Trees

A Merkle tree, named for its inventor, Ralph Merkle, is also known as a “hash tree". It’s a data structure represented as a binary tree, and it’s useful because it summarizes in short form the data in a larger data set. In a hash tree, the leaves are the data blocks (typically files on a filesystem) to be summarized. Every parent node in the tree is a hash of its direct child node, which tightly compacts the summary....

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